About my work

I have studied interrelationships of tourism, transport and sustainability for a quarter of a century.

In the early 1990s, my work focused on aviation and the sector’s contribution to emissions of greenhouse gases. Since then I have started to investigate a wide range of different transport modes from diverse scientific perspectives, including the car, bicycle, and e-scooter.

I am specifically interested in climate policy and transport governance; ICT in tourism, transport and mobility contexts; transport economics; urban planning; and social norm change in consumer cultures. I am feeling most at home in interdisciplinary frameworks embracing geography, economics, sociology and psychology.

My work has been conducted in a wide range of cultural and geographical settings in the European Union, the Middle East, East Africa/Western Indian Ocean, and the Caribbean. I have also worked as a consultant on behalf of numerous governments and companies, as well as supranational organisations including UNWTO, UNEP, UNDP, OECD and World Bank.

My ambition is to contribute to basic and applied science, with the overall objective to develop solutions for a growing number of environmental problems.