Tourism as connectedness

'Tourism as connectedness' offers a new understanding of the social and psychological functions tourism has in late modernity - and why it is so difficult for us to stop travel, in particular by air.

Are technology myths stalling aviation climate policy?

For decades, no progress has been made on mitigating emissions from aviation. In this paper, we trace discourses on future technologies. We find that discourses come and disappear, and sometimes linger; solutions always remain in the future. The paper can be found here:; free downloads (for 50 days):

Tourism, IT & sustainability

Tourism, information technologies and sustainability has finally been published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism. The article discusses how IT influences the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of the sector, and can be downloaded free of charge here: (closes after 50 downloads).

Urban transport space distribution

In most cities, different transport modes compete for space. But how is space actually distributed, particularly in relation to the modal split? An investigation in the 'Green City' Freiburg indicates inverse relationships: Cars have 60% of the space and account for 30% of all trips. Bicycles have less than 3%, even though 27% of all trips are made by bike. More information can be found in "Urban space distribution and sustainable transport", Transport Reviews,

Why tourism must become more expensive

Paris has set the stage for an international agreement on greenhouse gas mitigation. But are we going to act on it? Here an alternative view on tourism development: Why tourism must become more expensive

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